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When a Room Needs to be More... and Less... Than a Kitchen!

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Inspired by the Ages... Innovative for our Time!

We specialize in Alternative Kitchen Solutions as compared to designs that use standard built-in cabinetry.

Discover our distinct Design Solutions that feature our three product lines:

Kitchen Workstation Furniture: An extensive collection of unfitted kitchen furniture.

Stealth Kitchen Modules: Innovative built-in kitchens completely concealed behind door and drawer panels, available not only from us but from Resource Furniture , the innovative design company that features cutting edge, space saving living solutions in their showrooms in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and several Canadian cities.

Mini-Kitchens and Hospitality Centers: Unique unfitted armoires and hutches that hide compact unit kitchens.

Our most innovative workstations feature exclusive U.L. Listed technology that allows all ‘hot’ appliances (like ovens and cook tops) to be safely concealed from view when they are not being used. No other company in the WORLD features this unique, cutting edge design feature!

Please visit our Learning Center and our Press Room to discover articles that demonstrate how these products can be used to form alternative kitchen solutions. For example, the following Learning Center article is a quick introduction to the Kitchen Workstation Furniture concept (using real kitchen furniture to create an unfitted kitchen).

Our Amazing design solutions can help you create a multi-functional room that is much more...and less than a kitchen; one that is destined to become the beautiful 'Heart' of your home!

For a very quick introduction to YesterTec, check out this video!

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Let Us Help You With Your Next Kitchen Project! We'll work directly with you, your designer or contractor to help you plan an alternative kitchen design using our products instead of built-in cabinetry.

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YesterTec: When a Room Needs to be More... and Less... Than a Kitchen!