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Amazing Mini-Kitchen Armoires

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Our innovative Mini-Kitchen Armoires conceal complete compact kitchens within exquisite pieces of furniture that can be styled to blend with the décor of any room. Many sizes and models are available. They can be unfitted, freestanding pieces or they can be built-in.

They are the perfect solution for any upscale multi-task room that needs to conceal a messy kitchen.  They can save space too as there is no need to build a separate room to hide a typical kitchen.  And saving space is the most GREEN strategy of all!

The key engineering feature that differentiates YesterTec Mini-kitchens from ALL others is their ability to safely conceal the built-in cooking appliances (the oven and cooktop). Both of these appliances will not operate with the bi-fold doors closed in front of them. When the doors are opened and placed back into their pockets, the power to the appliances is activated. YesterTec is the only company in the WORLD that offers this patented, U.L. Listed safety technology.   And Only 120V power is required to operate any model!

Residential Mini-Kitchen Applications: Studio Apartment, Guest Suite, In-Law Suite, Master Bedroom Suite, Home office, Sun Room, Game Room, Home Theater, Pool house. 

Commercial Unit Kitchen Applications: Micro Studio Apartment, Extended Stay Suite, Condo Hotel Owners' Suite, Senior Living Apartment, Exectutive Office, Boardroom, Employee Lounge

Have Questions? Just pick up your phone and call David Beer, YesterTec's President at 877-346-4976. 


This Natural Maple unfitted UK68B-CSR-MH Armoire features an 18ga. stainless steel sink, 120V two burner glass cooktop, and a standard microwave/hood. However GE’s 120VAdvantium over-the-range speed cooking , microwave oven/exhaust hood is recommended because it is a real oven that can cook or bake anything. Also shown is a single dish drawer dishwasher, a 5+ cu. ft. refrigerator/freezer and ample concealed solid surface countertop space. It's dimensions are 71"W x 26" D x84" (Starting Height). Other appliance choices are available.
If you like this model, don't miss our most popular cost saving Limited Edition UK64LE Armoire Kitchens. These Mini-kitchens are a simplified version of the UK68B models shown above.
Should you need more storage, refrigeration or prep space, you can also add a separate piece of Kitchen Workstation Furniture to do the job.  Let the Mini-kitchen handle most of the technical tasks and add an island or cupboard if you need more kitchen. That is the beauty of using separate pieces for kitchens, and the resulting ensemble still can flawlessly blend into a multi-task room. Or you can opt for our wider Master Kitchen models that have additional storage and refrigerator capacity attached directly to our core mini-kitchen models. Another alternative for larger mini-kitchens is our Stealth Kitchen Module line (see below) that allows several modules to be combined to form completely concealed kitchens.

The Cost? If you would like to receive a complete list of all of our models (including the size and what each can contain) as well as their starting and average prices, please contact us. Once you have reviewed that list and know which model you want, we can send the styling information to you and we can give you exact prices over the phone, as all of the standard options are in our computer's pricing database. And be assured, NO OTHER COMPANY can produce comparable mini-kitchens for less than YesterTec. 

Most of the models are shipped in two separate but completely finished pieces, typically separated at the countertop. Appliances and sink are included but shipped separately with the order. Typically, a handy man or contractor who is familiar with kitchen installations is needed to install the mini-kitchen. So that your contractor can prepare for its arrival, we will send the rough-in electrical and plumbing drawings and installation instructions that correspond to your model. 

This award winning unfitted Midnight Black Armoire Kitchen is the perfect auxhillary kitchen for an upper level family room. Its Nautical Grid style doors have Taupe perforated aluminum vents to allow residual moisture and heat to escape. The Beveled Cornice adds to its contemporary lines. Check out this article that Hi-Macs, the solid surface countertop manufacturer featured on their website about this mini-kitchen.

This antique white unfitted Armoire with Flat Panel doors was installed in an In-Law suite that was filled with very traditional furniture.

Here is a freestanding UK68B-CSR-MH painted Faded Green.  The pulls and knobs were provided by the owner of this contemporary Log Home. The Platinum Gray Hi-Macs (solid surface) counter top compliments the stainless steel door pulls, sink fiitings and the black and stainless steel appliances.

Here a natural maple Armoire Kitchen has been built into a wall in an Extended Stay Guest Suite at a tropical beach hotel. The Grid door design features Antique White perforated aluminum panels.

This unfitted Craftsman Oak UK68B-CSR-MH features a custom cornice and custom metal panel color. The interior is shown below.


The Washington Cherry Armoire shown above has Grid doors with inset Taupe panels.

This freestanding natural cherry Armoire is temporarily set up in our factory and features flat panel sides with dowel vent flat panel doors, recessed panel drawer fronts and an extended height cornice.

This all-in one natural maple UK66-LE-CSR-MH Limited Edition Armoire features grid doors and a bevel cornice. For one-room-living, this elegant piece really outperforms!

For a Boutique Hotel in the French Quarter of New Orleans, a large armoire was created that combined a UK48-CSR-MH Minikitchen and a clothes closet. The armoire frees the room from out of character modern appliances, countertop clutter and provides a beautiful focal point as well.

This UK54-CSR-MH complete Washington Cherry mini-kitchen has all the appliances that our larger mini-kitchens have, but can fit into a 57" wide space.

This unfitted Colonial Pine Master Kitchen (as shown above) features a 9.2 CF Liebherr refrigerator and more storage. More storage options are available as well. Dove Tailed Drawers have undermounted full extension smooth closing slides.

The Master Kitchen shown above just before it was shipped from our factory has a Liebherr 9.2 CF refrigerator on the the left, a UK68B mini-kitchen in the middle and a custom sized pantry on the right.

If you don't need a complete mini-kitchen, we also have a full line of Hospitality Armoires that are very similar in concept to the mini-kitchen armoires except that they are incapable of using built-in cooktops and the powerful ovens featured above. These pieces are designed as convenience centers that can accommodate light duty cooking and snack preparation.


This freestanding mini-kitchen is a custom UK72 from our innovative Stealth Kitchen Modules line.  Please click here for more information about this amazing Tansu Styled Mini-Kitchen.


Above, a built-in 'Stealth' UK72 mini-kitchen features minimalist styling achieved by using flush natural maple doors and drawer fronts. Several add-on modules can be added if larger built-in units are required. Stealth Mini-kitchens are available not only directly from us, but also from Resource Furniture, the innovative New York City design company that features space saving living solutions. A Stealth Mini- Kitchen with a few additional Modules is on display in their fastinating showroom. Their designers can help New York City residents create cutting edge mini-kitchens or by using the entire Stealth line, full sized kitchens that are completely concealed. Resource Furniture also has concealed beds, tables and work centers that can really expand the living possibilities of a small multi-task space like the one shown above.

Please contact us for ordering information or to recieve a list of our Mini-Kitchen and Hospitality Center models and their starting and average prices.

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YesterTec: When a Room Needs to be More... and Less... Than a Kitchen!