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When a Room Needs to be More... and Less... Than a Kitchen!

Discover Kitchen Furniture that conceals the 'Clutter'. Its a major new Choice!

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Introducing the YesterTec Working Pantry.

Instead of typical cabinetry, YesterTec gives the consumer a new choice in how an entire kitchen is laid out.

YesterTec has redefined the kitchen into a collection of beautiful, revolutionary and highly functional pieces of furniture that incorporates the convenience of today’s modern kitchens with the look and feel of fine furniture from an age that valued simplicity and function. The kitchen continues to be the heart of the home yet until now, kitchen design has not reflected our lifestyle. YesterTec is passionate about meeting the needs of consumers: the need for hard working super efficient kitchen furniture, the need for quality craftsmanship, the need for an open kitchen plan that reflects our lifestyle, the need to create comfort zones within the kitchen, and the need to be unique in our own design choices. If you’re looking for something truly revolutionary in the kitchen… you need YesterTec. Who ever thought kitchen design could be so liberating, so rewarding and so absolutely revolutionary!

Introducing the Working Pantry from YesterTec…an exceptional armoire that is great as a stand-alone unit or can be one of four to five pieces typically used to create a YesterTec open plan kitchen. This incredible piece from YesterTec's line of Kitchen Workstation Furniture allows the consumer to control what they want to see by hiding many of the things they don’t want to see. Specifically, it hides Clutter. Clutter is typically found along the back edge of most countertops, up against the backsplash. Most of the time clutter just sits there, hogging countertop space while leaving little workspace in front for food preparation. In fact, clutter is the main reason why we think we need so much counterspace to prepare a decent meal. By concealing the clutter, The Working Pantry gives the consumer A MAJOR CHIOCE in how a kitchen is organized.

Ideal for the Kitchen and Beyond. The key to the (WP48) Working Pantry is the hidden countertop and shelving that are enclosed by its upper bi-fold doors. Hiding the ‘clutter’ in this fashion allows it to become a very versatile piece for the kitchen, or a dedicated piece for other uses. For example, a (WP48) Working Pantry can be used as a bake center, breakfast room pantry, secondary food prep area, or a bar in a kitchen environment. It can handily take the place of an old-fashioned butler’s pantry when placed between the kitchen workstations on the way to a table in an open-plan design.

It’s larger cousin (the WP54 that includes an undercounter refrigerator) is so exceptional it can’t live only in the kitchen! It can be used as a dedicated snack center/bar in a master bedroom, guest bedroom, mother-in-law suite, hotel suite, media room, office or living room. Please contact us to see a complete list of our Hospitality Center models and their ballpark prices. Maybe even a spa bathroom? The possibilities are endless, but in all instances, they conceal visual and functional ‘Clutter’ behind doors and beautify the space in a very simple way.

YesterTec Working Pantries are integral to YesterTec’s line of 250 models of Kitchen Workstation Furniture and are available in pine, maple, cherry, mahogany, quartersawn white oak or painted finishes. They measure 83 ½" total height, and minimum 50 ½" wide (WP48) and 56 ½" wide (WP54). Both can be ordered with flush, vertical bead-board or flat panel sides, various cornice and door styles. The doors shown here feature dowel vents to allow air to move freely to dissipate lingering moisture from the sink. The interior options shown here include a built-in wine rack and stem-glass holder and a sink with a working countertop. When the doors are open the full depth worktop is revealed with open shelving above.

Let Your Lifestyle Drive Your Design. Design freedom can be achieved by mixing styles, colors, shapes and textures using the same design techniques that are used in other rooms. Typical interior options include halogen lights, cutlery inserts, cooking utensil inserts, spice inserts, ironing board and more. Worktops can be specified in solid cherry, butcher block, stone or laminate. By enclosing the countertop, small modern appliances can be concealed to maintain the character of a ‘period’ styled room. If more storage is required, the WP48 can be built as a ‘Tina’s Pantry’ model that features all storage and no countertop behind the upper doors, with fold-out pivoting shelving completely filling the space.

A Working Pantry is the Secret Weapon of a Crowd Pleasing Kitchen. This piece is equipped with a sink so it also doubles as a bar and is a wonderful convenience in a crowded kitchen where everyone congregates and where extra sink space is needed. The open shelving keeps everything in view and easily accessible and the piece is designed to conveniently store small electrical appliances that can be used at a moments notice. But the real beauty of this piece is that you can make a mess and then hide it! Just close the doors to conceal a food prep area right before the guests arrive. And, the bi-fold doors are appropriate if there is limited area surrounding the unit since these doors occupy only a small space when they are opened. The bottom section features pull out full-extension storage drawers with utensil inserts and pull out shelves.

KITCHEN WORKSTATION FURNITURE… A Revolutionary Kitchen Design Concept. Traditional cabinets create a kitchen with horizontal elements (the continuous lines of cabinetry, countertops and backsplash) which can be cold and impersonal, resembling more of a laboratory than a living space. Instead, YesterTec’s workstations are 3-D vertical elements that create warm and inviting spaces between each piece that can be used to add personality to the room. That’s what makes a YesterTec kitchen stand apart from the rest. In addition, YesterTec’s workstations are not cabinetry designed to look like furniture. They are real pieces of furniture, sculpture for the kitchen. With fine detailing on a minimum of 3 sides of each piece, it feels good to run your hand around the corners, feeling the quality of the heirloom-crafted construction. Each piece can be styled and outfitted to reflect the style of even the hardest working chef’s personality.

YesterTec uses revolutionary, patented U.L Listed technology to safely conceal appliances (such as ovens and cooktops, an industry FIRST) which would otherwise compromise the beauty of the piece. We design the rest of our home with beautiful furniture … and YesterTec believes the kitchen does not need to be the exception. When guests enter a YesterTec kitchen you’ll find them pleasantly surprised but immediately at ease, because they are accustomed to seeing furniture in all the other rooms of the house. But surprised is sort of an understatement! In fact a YesterTec customer reported that their guests had asked where their kitchen was and were ultimately shocked to know that they were standing in it! YesterTec allows you to create a warm inviting space that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

The Kitchen and Living Room as One! A few pieces of YesterTec furniture can fulfill the needs of an entire kitchen while blending seamlessly into an adjacent room such as a family room or living room. Or one of two pieces can combine with other built-ins to provide the kitchen that is just right for you! The reason the furniture concept works is because the color and texture of the walls, ceiling and floor can be carried throughout the entire room… creating a rich integrated look! YesterTec Workstations are designed specifically to help re-create the comforting qualities that define the heart of the home.

Heirloom furniture. The enduring and moveable qualities of a YesterTec kitchen can live on forever. When you move, you can take these pieces of furniture and the memories with you. YesterTec pieces are a lifetime investment that will become family heirlooms passed on for generations to come. In a world of throwaway cabinets, you’ll never find a YesterTec workstation on the curb! Isn’t it better to invest in something that has staying power?

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YesterTec: When a Room Needs to be More... and Less... Than a Kitchen!