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Shallow Cupboards

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C32D (Desk) in Washington Cherry (Countertop @ 29"H)  C32C CUPBOARD 32"W x 13"D x 83 1/2"H

The C32 series is a collection of unfitted storage pieces designed to be used in corners or as units that flank major pieces. For efficient corner arrangements, two units can be combined into an L-shape or one unit can be set on an angle. There also are deeper large and small corner units. The large ones can be flanked with two regular C32 units to create a very versatile storage piece. Ordered with an available finished back, they can become room dividers if they are anchored to the sides of a major base unit such as a sink or range base. The shallow depth and lower height of these units create a break in a room composition that includes larger flanking units. Each piece contains a mixture of fixed and adjustable12" deep shelving. The drop-down appliance door locks in place when it is opened creating a very useful worktop that is surfaced with a solid surface material. Because there is no cabinet under this worktop, it can be used as a sit down food preparation space. The area enclosed by the appliance door can conceal all sorts of kitchen accessories, but is most suitable to hide small electrical appliances such as can openers or toasters that always need to be ready for use. Only one appliance door at a time can be opened if two units are combined in a corner arrangement. However, combining a C32D (desk) and any other C32 unit can accomplish two separate tasks in a small area.

C32D in Natural Maple, has been used as a sit down vanity in a dressing room that featured a pedestal sink between two C32 pieces.

C32C in Antique White. This freestanding piece can be used as a mid-height laptop computer desk, or even a vanity to accompany a pedistal sink.

C32D (Dry Bar) in Washington Cherry

C32C (Dry Bar) in Bombay Mahagony

Another group of unfitted Shallow cupboards are the C42 and C62 series as shown in the Selection Sheet from our catalog.  These freestanding pieces are perfect storage units that can accompany any of our other workstations, especially our mini-kitchens.

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