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An Understated Urban Condominium

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The design focus for this one bedroom upscale condominium apartment is the expansive panorama. From the living area to the bedroom, the view is unencumbered by an interior design scheme that is executed in a minimalist style.  The sculptural furnishings 'float' in a very restrained setting defined by the finishes of the flooring and wall paneling that capture the warm colors of the sun.

The image above is taken from the entrance and includes the main seating area with a flat screen TV, the dining area, the wrap around balcony and the kitchen. Yes, the kitchen, concealed behind the wood faced door and drawer panels of YesterTec's *Award Winning Stealth Kitchen Modules!

In a minimalist setting such as this, the chaos of an exposed kitchen is not desirable. Even the look of imported Italian cabinetry, exquisite stone countertops and the latest stainless steel appliances would add too much detail to an otherwise pristine space. And yet, all those high-end amenities are expected in a property such as this.

By using Stealth Modules, the countertops can be stone and the appliances can be stainless steel, but the cabinetry needs to be YesterTec's, because only YesterTec has patented, U.L. Listed technology that allows the oven, cooktop and microwave/hood to be concealed when they are not in use. So now the chaos of a modern kitchen can be concealed, without giving up the finishes and utility that this apartment deserves.  In fact, since the modules are 29" deep instead of the standard 24", there is much more efficiency per lineal foot than most other kitchens.

Shown above to the left is a 72" wide range module, separated from the 72" wide sink module by an 18" wide, full height storage pantry.  To the right of the sink module is a Subzero integrated refrigerator/freezer, flanked to the right by another 18" pantry.  Above all the modules are 15" high storage modules that provide extra storage capacity for items that are not frequently used.

The Module system includes several different models that can be combined to create all of the major kitchen layout types: In-line, U-shaped, Island, Penninsula etc. Size is not an issue. Full height corner units handle inside and outside corners. Islands can be selected from our own Kitchen Workstation line or other manufacturers' products can be used. Shown here is a very sculptural custom table that can be used as a kitchen worktable or buffet. The styling of the exterior door and drawer panels is in your control.  Just imagine how a different panel design or island table design would change this design!

Stealth 29" deep Mini-Kitchens are available as well. They start as small as one of the modules above that is shown open and include a two burner cooktop, 6 CF undercounter refrigerator/freezer, oven/hood, sink, optional single drawer dishwasher plus concealed counterspace and storage.

Please click on the following link to see some other ways of using Stealth Modules.

Please contact us or Resource Furniture's New York City showroom for more information or to discuss how Stealth Modules may be appropriate for your project. The display in Resource's showroom is shown below in the open... 

...and closed positions. Many, many, many other module combinations are possible!


Awesome! But where is the kitchen?

Can you guess what it inside in this Dover White Mini-kitchen? It is the same as the dark paneled kitchen shown in the images above, except without the pop-up table module on the left.

Design Journal has awarded Stealth Kitchen Modules the 2010 platinum ADEX award, their highest award for design excellence in the cabinetry category.

Stealth Kitchen Modules received an Honorable Mention award for design excellence in the kitchen cabinetry category of the KBCulture Award 2010, an honor bestowed by one of the design industry's most respected individuals, Leslie Clagett.  Leslie has been the editor of Arts and Architecture and Woman's Day SIP's Kitchens and Baths and is currently the author of the exciting design blog, . Be sure to spend some time with the various articles in her informative blog, you'll be amazed at what you find! Here is the link to her post about the Awards.



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YesterTec: When a Room Needs to be More... and Less... Than a Kitchen!