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Our Kitchen Workstation Furniture is a beautiful, classically styled collection of hard working, heirloom quality pieces of unfitted furniture for the kitchen. Complete small kitchens are comprised of 3 super efficient freestanding Kitchen Workstations and moderately sized kitchens can have 5 pieces or more.

Shown below are several of our best kitchen renovations that have been furnished with Kitchen Workstations. The thumbnails can be used to view a larger picture with a description! 

YesterTec Workstations Are: (see if you can discover the following characteristics in the articles below)

Classically Inspired: Kitchen Workstations have a classic appearance that reflects a time predating the invention of electricity. They are designed to mix with traditional design, but will also be comfortable in eclectic motifs that blend traditional and contemporary design. 

Functional: Because each piece is freestanding, the heights and depths of the units can vary resulting in new performance opportunities that simply aren't prevalent in today's kitchens. With deeper countertops and deeper drawers and storage areas in the "reach zone", each piece is more efficient per lineal foot than typical in-line cabinetry.

Safe: The U.L. Listing signifies that the workstations that enclose the built-in appliances with heating functions have been tested to meet Underwriter Laboratory's published Standards of Safety.

Unique:  Due to the patented safety technology, YesterTec is the only company in the world capable of creating workstations that conceal standard appliances so effectively.

Designed For Flexibility: The line incorporates a broad range of models, sizes, design options, material and color selections that allow designers great design flexibility, allowing pieces to best fit into most kitchen renovations and new kitchens as well.

Durable: State of the art, durable construction and finishing techniques are used to ensure lifetime value and heirloom quality in each piece. Durable, natural materials such as wood, granite and soapstone are used to create beautiful pieces that will age gracefully over time.

Collectable: Each piece has its own brass identification plaque that is sequentially numbered to enhance the line's ability to become collectable. No two workstations will have the same number.

Easy To Order: Kitchen Workstations are designed by selecting from the enormous selection of pre-designed and pre-priced components that are illustrated in the YesterTec catalog. Pre-design facilitates the selection process and speeds up the order-delivery time line. Custom design requests can also be accommodated.

Easy To Install: Installation of the product is simple compared to conventional, inline cabinetry. Most units are shipped as one or two pieces, but can be disassembled for accessibility constraints. Then they are placed and simply assembled, leveled and fastened to the walls or floor.

A  Lifetime Investment: The durability and timeless character of the workstations enhance their ability to endure years of hard use and weather a multitude of design trends. They can be moved (re-cycled) when their owners move to a new home, a very ‘Green’ but under-utilized practice.  

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YesterTec: When a Room Needs to be More... and Less... Than a Kitchen!